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Badges and notifications

Lunatask has two ways to notify you of time-sensitive events happening in the app – those are badges and notifications.


Badges are shown on individual area menu items and the habit tracker icon in the menu, as well as on the app icon in Dock (on Mac) and in the system tray (on Windows). A running timer will also show a purple badge on the area in which the task belongs.

Area badges can be configured per-area in the area settings. There are a few setting options available:

NoneNever show badges on area menu item
All coming upShows the number of "coming up" tasks scheduled for today or the past using date-based scheduling (default)
All actionableShows the number of actionable tasks in the area (those which are not marked as Later)
All tasksShown the number of all non-completed tasks in the area

The badge on the habit tracker menu item shows the number of remaining incomplete habits for today and can also be disabled in the settings.

The sum of all individual numbers on each menu item will show on the app icon in Dock or system tray.

App icon badge


On Mac, if you see badges on areas in the menu but not on the app icon, be sure to allow notifications in System Preferences > Notifications > Lunatask.


Notifications are shown when calendar events, tasks, or habits on the calendar start, as well as when timers finish.

Notifications are enabled by default for tasks and habits but are disabled for events coming from external calendars as most people will receive notifications from their full-featured calendar app like Apple Calendar – we try to avoid triggering duplicate notifications. You can enable/disable notifications individually in the settings.


On Mac, be sure to allow notifications in System Preferences > Notifications > Lunatask. On Linux, notifications are supported in any desktop environment that follows Desktop Notifications Specification.


Note that notifications are shown only when Lunatask is running. This usually is not a problem on Mac or Windows where Lunatask minimizes into system tray on close, but it is worth noting if you are on Linux.