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Creating notes for calendar events

⚡️ This feature is available on Premium plan

Being an all-in-one personal productivity app, we can integrate all the pieces well together – for example, calendar events with notes.

Hover over any meeting or appointment coming from an external calendar to reveal the option to create a note for that event – this is great and not just for meeting notes.

When clicking the button, a popup will appear prompting you to enter:

  • The name of the note – by default, it will be prefilled with "Note for {event-name} from {current-date}"
  • Target notebook where the note will be created – by default, "All notes"
  • The template to use, e.g. "Team Meeting"

Create notes for calendar events

Upon pressing "Create note", you will be redirected to the newly created note with its content prefilled from the chosen template (or empty).

Create notes for calendar events

Now, the last thing remains to share the note with your teammates 🙌


This note is now internally linked to this calendar event – pressing the option to create a note for this event again will take you directly to this note.