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Habit scheduling

Like time blocking for tasks, habits can be planned into your day between your meetings and tasks using the calendar. This way, you will also get notifications/reminders to complete your habits.

There are two ways to schedule your habits – either you can manually schedule your habits onto the calendar every morning, or you can set up a schedule so your habits appear on the calendar automatically at set times each day.


Hovering over a time-block for a habit on the calendar will show a button to complete the habit. Once the habit is completed, and an activity is tracked, the time-block will be removed from the calendar.

Manual scheduling

To manually plan habits into your day, use the habit widget at the bottom of the calendar.

The habit widget serves three purposes:

  • You can use it to drag your habits onto the calendar
  • It brings your habits to your task list where it is likely you spend most of your day, so you don't forget about them
  • You can complete/skip your habits throughout the day directly from the habit widget without the need to switch to the habit tracker

The habit widget shows your habits one by one in the order they are defined in the habit tracker. When the habit is completed or skipped, the habit widget will show the next habit in line. When the habit is dragged onto the calendar at a future time, the habit widget will also start showing the next habit for you to decide what to do with it.


The habit widget always shows the habit that needs your attention next. So if you planned your first habit at a future time, it now shows your second habit.

But, when the time comes and you did not complete the first habit as planned, the habit widget will now show the first habit again as the habit that needs your attention – you can either complete or skip the first habit directly from the habit widget, or drag it onto the calendar again at some future time.

Automatic scheduling

Manually scheduling your habits every morning might get tedious – especially if you perform the habit always at the same time every day. Luckily, you can set up a schedule so your habit appears on the calendar at set times automatically each day.

To set up the schedule, open habit detail by hovering over the name of the habit in the list and clicking the settings icon. Then, in the habit detail, set "at time" to any time of day you wish, e.g. 8:30 AM. Optionally, you can set a time needed (in minutes) as well – this will affect how long the habit appears in the calendar (15 minutes is the default when not set).

Habit scheduling


Many-times habits allow setting multiple times of day depending on their set goal.


The field for "at time" does respect the time-display format set in the settings (whether you are using 12h or 24h time format). Instead, it takes the format from your system locale/region. It is a limitation of our current implementation.