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"Many-times" habits

Our habit tracker differentiates between "once" and "many-times" habits.

Where "once" habits can be tracked only once in a given period (a day or a week) and are considered complete when a single activity is tracked, "many-times" habits, as the name suggests, can be tracked multiple times within a single period, i.e. "Take medication three times a day".

To make a habit a many-times habit, open habit detail by hovering over the name of the habit in the list and click the settings icon that shows up. Then, in the habit detail, set "allow to track" to "many times".

To track an activity, simply double-click on a specific date.


To remove tracked activity or to decrease activity count for the day, hold Alt / Option key while making the double-click.


You can also set a goal for many-times habits – for example, if the goal is set to "3", Lunatask won't consider the habit complete until three activities are tracked within the period.

Setting the goal for many-times habits is important, so your current and record streaks are calculated correctly.


See our article dedicated to habit scheduling to learn more.