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What other apps call lists, we call areas of life. We opted to use a less generic name to help users figure out how to structure their lists. You start with a single list for your personal tasks, but you can create additional ones.

How many lists should one have? The clue is in our naming — when you have too many lists, you can't prioritize the tasks across them. If two tasks compete for one portion of your time, they should live in the same list. We recommend starting with just a few areas, such as "personal tasks" and "work-related tasks", and only adding new ones once you are sure you need them.

⚡️ Unlimited number of areas is available on Premium plan – Free plan is limited to two areas


Why there's no view of all tasks?

We believe that one can focus only on one area of his life at a time. When at work, you want to focus on work-related tasks and avoid being distracted by your personal tasks.

How workflows relate to areas?

The workflow you choose is saved per area and synchronized between all your devices. You can, for example, choose to use the Kanban workflow for your work-related tasks but use the Must/Should/Want workflow for your personal tasks.

Can I reorder areas in the menu?

Yes, drag the icon to move the area up or down. Alternatively, right-click the icon in the menu and select "Move up" or "Move down".

How do I move tasks between areas?

The option to move tasks between lists is available in the right-click context menu. Right-click a task in the list and find the option labeled "Move to". Or simply drag the task onto the area icon in the menu.

Multiple tasks can be moved at once — select multiple tasks using CMD+Click (on Mac) or Ctrl-Click (on other platforms). Alternatively, select a range of tasks using Shift+Click, or all tasks using CMD+A (on Mac) or Ctrl+A (on other platforms). See our article on bulk edit for more information.


When using bulk edit, use the right-click context menu option to move tasks into a new area.

How can I delete an area?

The option to delete an area can be found in area settings. To open area settings, click the settings icon in the bottom toolbar in the task list, next to the options to toggle calendar and quick note sidebars. Alternatively, right-click the area icon in the menu and select "Area settings". The option to delete the area can be found in the modal window if you scroll below the options to change the area icon and email forwarding.