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Custom workflows

Since a workflow is any combination of grouping and sorting, besides the ready-made workflows, we offer you the option to create your workflow by choosing the grouping and sorting you like.

Currently, available grouping options are:

NoneAll your tasks will be shown in one long list
Now/NextYour list will be structured into two buckets - Now and Later (used by Simple workflow)
By statusYour list will have sections corresponding to each task status (used by Kanban workflow)
By motivationYour list will have sections corresponding to each task motivation (used by Must/Should/Want method)
Eisenhower matrixYour list will have section corresponding to each matrix quadrant (used by Eisenhower method)

More grouping options will come in the future – for example, grouping By estimate into short, medium, and long tasks.

Available sorting options are:

By urgencyBy our calculated urgency score
By priorityBy set task priority
By estimateBy set task estimate
By ageBy the age of each task

You can toggle between ascending and descending order by clicking on the sorting option in the picker for the second time.


For example, none of the ready-made workflows use sorting By estimate. Let's create a workflow that shows our tasks in one long list sorted with the easiest tasks on the top.

Pick None as the grouping option and By estimate as sorting in the toolbar on the bottom of the screen – the workflow picker will now show Custom workflow.

Custom workflow