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Time-based scheduling

Also known as time-blocking. Time-blocking is about planning your day upfront by dragging your tasks and habits onto the calendar between your meetings and appointments.


Time-blocking is a popular technique, but it does not work for everyone. In our experience, it could do wonders for managers but usually fails for developers as their work often cannot be easily time-blocked – you don't know whether fixing a bug will take 15 minutes or two hours.

You can find your calendar in the sidebar on the right of your task lists and toggle whether it is open using an icon in the toolbar on the bottom of the screen or via CMD+S (on Mac) or Ctrl+S (on other platforms).

Simply drag any of your tasks onto to calendar to plan them into your day. To time-block your habits, refer to our dedicated article on habit scheduling. To see your meetings and appointments in the calendar, set up an integration with an external calendar.



Time-blocks for tasks and habits on the calendar can be resized by dragging them by their bottom border.


Dragging your tasks onto the calendar respects their set estimate. See our article dedicated to estimation for more information.


I'm planning my next day the evening before

This use case is very common and we will be adding support for it shortly 🤞

Is weekly/monthly calendar coming?

This jury is still out on this one 🤞

When will I be better off using a different app?

Lunatask will not be for you if you're used to planning and scheduling everything all the time. Lunatask supports both date-based and time-based scheduling to a certain degree, but if you're scheduling every single task and for a long time ahead, you might be better off using an app designed around this, at least for now.


We are working on scheduling improvements, and there will likely be features improving scheduling in the future, for example, a grouping of tasks in the list based on the scheduled date.